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The Holy Spirit Cathedral is the seat of the Catholic Archdiocese of Accra. The edifice, an imposing architecture, is second to none in the country.  It has served as an important space for many Archdiocesan and National celebrations.

Many people from all walks of life, both young and old, nationals and non-nationals have been associated with the Holy Spirit Cathedral.  The welcoming ambience of the Cathedral grounds and its striking calmness within the threshold of the liturgical space evokes such a perfect divine presence that can hardly go unnoticed.

Like any other church within the Archdiocese, the Holy Spirit Cathedral, through its Parish Pastoral Council, has raised and nurtured many resourceful leaders within the vast structures of the church’s Administration over the years. For the Youth Apostolate, the Parish Youth Council coordinates all activities of the various Youth Groups.

Currently, there are 28 Groups/Societies with various charismas. These Groups and Societies have been the rallying point for the mobilization of our human resource and the basis for the various activities within the church.

Our core objectives are defined within the following context:

  1. Building a strong community of faith
  2. Developing and harnessing the full potential of our teeming Youth
  • Consistent programme of human and infrastructural development

Given its symbolic role, the Mother of all the Catholic churches in Accra, the Holy Spirit Cathedral endeavours always to get it right in all aspects of the church’s mission.  We are aware of the enormous responsibility of providing the leadership that inspires vision and hope, evoking strong Catholicism characterized by discipline and on-going evangelization.

The central location of the Holy Spirit Cathedral, within the city of Accra, coupled with the many activities that take place here have always attracted people of all shades.  Among them are those who seek refuge from the harsh economic challenges they face and the enormous difficulties they carry. Situations such as these have always compelled us to devise more innovative ways of supporting the sick, the destitute, the homeless, the strangers, the stranded and the marginalized.

Indeed the Holy Spirit Cathedral has been a blessing to many people who recount their many beautiful experiences. There are many people who continue to associate themselves with the Holy Spirit Cathedral for the mere reason that they are able to connect with many well-meaning people of the society who have played many important and respectable roles in their unique fields of endeavour.

The Holy Spirit Cathedral, after all these years, still has a huge relevance to our society and its people, both Catholics and non-Catholics.

The Administration of the Holy Spirit Cathedral is still determined to maintain a welcoming environment of this beautiful place of worship for all and continue to provide the needed leadership.

We invite you to visit us and share your own unique expectations with us as we share all of what we cherish with you in the spirit of reciprocity in our quest to become better Catholic Christians.

We extend warm greetings of love and peace from Jesus our Lord and redeemer.

Holy Spirit!  Power and Action!!

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